Welcome to the Dog Zone

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is so hysterical, Maggie loves to watch TV. She will watch anything but she loves animal planet, dog shows and dog agility shows. Sorry I've not posted lately. I have a couple of video's in the snow to look for......till later.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Puppy High Five

I think this is the most precious picture. Dakota and Maggie are sleeping in this position. It looks as if they are doing a "high five", playing patty cake or praying together. They are still getting along so well. The puppy Maggie is now almost 10 months, so I guess I'll have to back off on the "puppy" label.....but we all know it's tough to let them grow up...lol. She has gotten into the habit of performing the delicate surgery of "de-stuffing" her toys. I'm going to have to be creative when shopping for her dog toys.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pets and Company

Usually when the doorbell rings, the older dog Dakota goes crazy. I show him that I am alpha and that I have things in control. He doesn't believe me....and continues to bark and generally be a jerk. I realize that he is just protecting his home and mommies, but really....enough already. Fortunately, the puppy Maggie has not picked up on Dakota's bad habits. Once I get the company in the house....all is well. It's just the unknown that drives that old dog crazy. Maggie is so very funny when she sees people....she loves people. Her whole body wags and sways as she greats her new friend. Although, I've been told that her nose is a tad cold and wet when she is sniffing as a puppy can. What to do about the Dakota barking? Patience, training, patience, training then more patience and training. Repeat after me....I AM ALPHA.......your dog need to know that you really are in charge and can handle anything. I love watching the show the show "Dog Whisperer". That is a great show to watch and I've learned much from Ceasar.... he's a good man. So, until later....play hard and sleep well.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cats and Dogs

I'm not sure if all dogs and cats get along well, I do know that Shooter loved her big sister Brittany our beloved chocolate lab. Shooter would just rub up against Brittany and as you can see, loved to sit by her. Our beautiful Brittany is no longer with us and she is sorely missed. Dakota our other dog which you have come to know and love puts up with Shooter pretty well, but it's not the same at all without her "chocolate moose" Brittany. The puppy Maggie who is now 6 months old on the other hand is infatuated with Shooter.....seriously....totally in love with her. It's so cute, Maggie's whole body wags and sways trying to be close to Shooter. Unfortunately, Shooter does not have the same feelings for this happy puppy which makes Maggie quite frustrated but none the less persistent in trying to be great friends with her. Life here has settled down to a comfortable routine and Maggie is doing fantastic for a puppy. She still loves to sleep in her dog crate at night with the door open. She enjoys cave-like places. Well, until later.....play hard and sleep well....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Camping Dogs

Well, the puppy Maggie went on her first camping trip and was really a good dog....I must say that I was surprised. I thought Maggie and Dakota would get all wrapped up together out on the run while playing and wrestling. I was wrong...they were so good. We went for lots of walks and Maggie was able to see her first lake....she isn't really that excited about the water though. This picture was taken while their dinner was being put together.....they sure were hungry from a big day of adventure. We look forward to our next camping adventure....they get so worn out they sleep well. Take care and look for our next adventure....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maggie Graduated Puppy Class

Yeah, Maggie graduated from Puppy class with high honors!!!! This picture was taken at 9:00 pm and she was exhausted....she kind of reminds me of the "Grinch dog"....LOL. All we need for a Halloween costume are some antlers :-) She learned so much from class but especially, how to interact with other dogs and to pay attention to me when she is distracted. Maggie can sit/down stay, come, wait, shake, spin and sit pretty all with hand signals or words...she is a smart girl!!! She is also very polite when greeting strangers and their doggies. My next post I'll share our first camping trip fun adventures.....till later....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Puppy Training

Hey there all, I'm so sorry that I've not updated this in so long...it's quite embarrassing actually....lol. Dakota and Maggie are still doing so great together....Maggie loves to snuggle with Dakota and luckiy, Dakota doesn't mind. Maggie is still growing....not yet 5 months yet but still under 20 lbs....yikes, we've never had a smaller dog before. She is great and has been the star at puppy class. Maggie really doesn't like to be scolded, so she is very trainable. Another bonus is that she is not a chewer of house hold items.....yeah!!!! We enjoy "training" in the evenings....Dakota loves it....Maggie does all of the work and he gets a treat sometimes so he's not left out. The pic is Maggie at 3-4 months....we're very proud that our daughter is also a Red Sox fan!!!!Well, I'm off for now, but promise to update regularly with more great pics and videos......till later.